I Accidentally Proof Read A Book

Originally written on 17 February 2021

I’ve been studying for my CKA exam and the focus is on churning out the right commands at a fast pace, as well as modifying yaml in the command line. I’m not a terribly slow typer, but I do rely on graphical IDEs in my day-to-day work and I’m usually a single-shell-window kinda guy.

I knew about tmux and started searching around for some guides, and I stumbled across a work-in-progress book called The Mouseless Development Environment. It just so happens that I stumbled across the book in the last couple of months of its development, so when the author, Matthieu Cneude asked for volunteer proof-readers I jumped at the chance.

I’m still working my way through the book itself (aside from the pages I proof-read of course), learning the deeper arts of vim before I dive into tmux.

If you’re interested, do help Matthieu out by buying a copy. There’s a sample of the book on the website too.