Indroducing The Sorry Cypress Helm Chart

Originally written on 6 January 2021

Yes, it’s another Sorry Cypress post, sorry!

Ever since I posted information on how to deploy Sorry Cypress to Kubernetes, there’s been quite a lot of noise from people asking for a helm chart version. So I finally found some time to make one.


The chart can be found here


Install the chart using:

$ helm repo add sorry-cypress
$ helm install my-release sorry-cypress/sorry-cypress


Upgrade the chart deployment using:

$ helm upgrade my-release sorry-cypress/sorry-cypress


Uninstall the my-release deployment using:

$ helm uninstall my-release

More words

By default, the chart deploys everything to Kubernetes (as you’d expect), but there’s no persistence, this is so that you can just get up and running as quickly as possible.

By default, the director uses the in-memory executionDriver, and the dummy screenshotsDriver. However, You can choose to enable a persistent mongo database for execution, and you can use S3 for screenshots.

Do have a play and if you have any feedback, it’s probably best to open an issue.